Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

Gods Must Be Crazy

Wonderful movie. So unique.

I had seen the series on TV when I was very little. I had only vague impressions left from it in my mind. I just saw the first, original movie once again. It's amazing that a film like this really exists, must have been a very interesting production.

Some more details here:

And 6 years ago, our hero died apparently:
'Gods Must Be Crazy' star N!xau dies

I think seeing the stark contrast between two lifestyles like at the beginning of the movie is really something worthwhile. It's very meaningful, it's enlightening and thought-provoking. Actually thanks to YouTube you can already see it here and now:

Not the best quality, but it's not bad either. I recommend seeing the whole movie in a better quality though. And I'm not sure why but I really love how the children dance and sing at 4:10. If I can convince a few friends I'll try to do the same dance with them. It looks like fun.

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